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The Apple x Hermès AirTag luggage tag costs more than an iPad

The Apple x Hermès AirTag luggage tag costs more than an iPad

After what feels like years of waiting, Apple has finally released its new tracking device, the AirTags. While they’re pretty slick, some of the accessories are really expensive.

For instance, the Hermès Luggage Tag costs $579 CAD, which is more than the $429 base-level iPad. The Hermès Key Ring is $449, and the Bag Charm costs $379, making it the only Hermès AirTags accessory that’s less than an iPad. These accessories do come with a custom AirTag that has the Hermès logo engraved in it.

To be honest, it kind of seems weird to even have an AirTag on the outside of your luggage or backpack. You would think that the most secure place to put one would be in the bag itself, but I guess that way, other nerds wouldn’t know how much of a baller you are.

For reference, a single AirTag costs $40 in Canada, and a four-pack is $129. Apple’s own leather Key Ring for the product rings in at $45. There are a few other keychain-like AirTag holders on Apple’s website and you can find them here.

If you want to learn more about this new Apple product, check out our announcement post. 

Source: Apple 

TD hits 10 million users milestone across its mobile banking apps

TD hits 10 million users milestone across its mobile banking apps

TD Bank has announced that it has reached the 10 million mobile user milestone for its mobile banking apps.

“With the pandemic accelerating a shift in consumer preferences towards digital banking, TD announced today that 10 million of its North American customers are now regularly engaging digitally with the bank through its mobile apps,” the bank outlined in a press release.

TD says it experienced double-digit growth in the number of its active mobile users in 2020 compared to the previous year.

“As we’ve enhanced existing capabilities and introduced new services, we’ve kept the customer experience at the core of our thinking,” said Rizwan Khalfan, the chief digital and payments officer at TD, ” in a statement.

“We’re focused on meeting our customers’ banking needs today and continuously enhancing the platforms where we engage and connect with them in anticipation of how their needs will evolve tomorrow.”

The bank says it’s harnessing the power of AI through its apps, as TD recently launched AI-powered insights to remind customers of upcoming recurring bill payments along with possible deposit account shortfalls.

Source: TD

Apple introduces the redesigned Siri Remote along with Apple TV 4K


Apple’s Spring Loaded event was packed with exciting new additions to its ecosystem. An accessory that had a makeover long overdue has finally been revamped.

A new Siri remote will soon be available for purchase individually and alongside the new Apple TV 4K for $69 and $225, respectively. Additionally, the new remote is compatible with the 2017 4K Apple TV and the ageing Apple TV HD.

Apple TV new Siri Remote

The new remote features a one-piece aluminum design that’s made to fit perfectly in the user’s hand along with an iPod-style circular gesture ring to help you forward or rewind a show or movie precisely. The remote also features an innovative five-way navigation clickpad for accuracy. You can also rotate your finger around the new wheel and it functions like an old iPod so you can quickly scrub through the timeline of a movie.

Beyond that, the clickpad is also touch-sensitive so you can swipe on it as you do with the current Apple TV Siri remote.

The new remote has a power button that can be used to turn your TV on or off, making it your primary remote and just like the iPhone, the Siri button has been moved to the sidebar making it easily accessible.

For more information about the new Apple TV 4K and its remote check out our coverage of the new Apple TV 4K. 

Image credit: Apple

Source: Apple

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Rogers working to restore services amid nationwide outages

Rogers working to restore services amid nationwide outages

Rogers says it’s working to restore services as customers are reporting nationwide disruptions Monday morning.

The carrier says some wireless customers are experiencing service disruptions with data and voice services. Customers have taken to social media to report issues with phone calls and texts.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to provide regular updates,” Rogers notes.

Reports on Downdetector indicate issues began overnight. The website outlines that nearly 13,000 reports have been submitted as of 10am ET.

Customers of Rogers’ flanker brands, Fido and Chatr, are also affected.

It’s unknown what has caused the issues or how long it will take for services to be restored.

Facebook now lets users transfer posts and notes to Google Docs and more

Facebook now lets users transfer posts and notes to Google Docs and more


Facebook is expanding its data portability tool to allow users to transfer their notes and posts to Google Docs, Blogger and WordPress.

The social media giant notes that these updates extend the reach of the tool that already allows users to transfer their photos and videos to Dropbox, Google Photos and more.

“We designed this tool with privacy, security and utility in mind. We’ll ask you to re-enter your password before the transfer starts and encrypt your data as it moves between services, so you can be confident it will be transferred securely,” Facebook notes.

Users can access the tool in their Facebook settings under ‘Your Facebook Information’ and by clicking ‘Transfer Your Information’.”

Facebook says it plans to continue expanding its data types and partners in the future. The social media giant is also calling for data portability laws that clarify which data should be made portable and who is responsible for protecting data once it has been transferred.

The updated data portability tool is now available to all users globally.

Source: Facebook

Android 12 could support a trash bin feature for deleted files

Android 12 could support a trash bin feature for deleted files


Google appears to be working on a new trash bin (or recycle bin, if you go with the Windows naming convention) for Android. Except, the feature isn’t really new, and likely won’t see significant use.

XDA Developers uncovered code in the main Settings app in the Android 12 beta that hints at this new trash bin. Based on what they’ve found, it appears that in Android 12, users will be able to tap ‘Trash’ to view a dialog box that lists how much storage space deleted files currently occupy on their smartphone. It’ll also give users the ability to empty the trash, much in the same way Windows or macOS handles recycle/trash bins.

However, The Verge points out that Android’s trash bin system will likely be much, much more complicated thanks to the nature of the Android OS.

For one, trash actually already exists in Android. Google added a trash API in Android 11 that would let apps hide files instead of instantly and fully removing them. According to The Verge, the feature hasn’t seen much use, although Google apparently is working to support it in its Files app.

Moreover, the current iteration of trash in Android doesn’t have any way to recover deleted files. The Android 12 settings that XDA uncovered don’t appear to add recovery either. But that doesn’t mean apps can’t add recovery — although, if apps aren’t using the trash API, why would they go through the effort of building support to recover files too?

It’s also worth considering that Android handles file management differently than other operating systems. There’s scoped storage, for example, which has a setting that hides files by placing a period in front of their name instead of actually deleting them. There’s also the fact that every Android phone maker can use its own file management apps instead of those offered by Google.

In short, Android could support a trash bin and recovery system, and likely will in combination with Google’s own files app. However, that doesn’t mean any other manufacturer will. And given the myriad of other issues surrounding updates, there’s a good chance manufacturers that do choose to add these features may take a long time to distribute the software to users — if they even choose to update those old phones.

At the same time, The Verge points out that Android is a massive ecosystem and this could be Google’s way of slowly steering it towards a simple, unified trash bin and recovery system. If that’s the case, it may be years before Google’s vision is fully realized on Android devices.

Source: XDA Developers, The Verge

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Amazon cancels plans for its ‘Lord of the Rings’ game

Amazon has cancelled the Lord of the Rings game it was developing alongside China-based Leyou Technologies.

The tech giant announced plans for the game in 2019. Sources have suggested that Tencent’s acquisition of Leyou in December led to a contract dispute between Amazon and Tencent, which ultimately caused the game’s cancellation.

A spokesperson for Amazon told Bloomberg that the company has “been unable to secure terms to proceed with this title at this time. We love the Lord of the Rings IP, and are disappointed that we won’t be bringing this game to customers.”

This latest news is another blow to Amazon Game Studios. Since its launch in 2014, the studio has yet to launch a hit.

Its first title, a pirate sim called Breakaway, was cancelled after several months. Amazon did release a free-to-play multiplayer shooter called Crucible in May 2020 but low player counts saw the game returned to beta status and then ultimately shut down in November.

The company’s next game, the MMORPG New World, was recently delayed once again to August 2021.

Amazon recently opened a new game development studio in Montreal that will focus on creating “original AAA games,” with its first title being “an online multiplayer title based on new IP.”

Source: Bloomberg

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